Who Are We
We are key players within a society, inspired to educate, motivate and create a positive change to uplift the standards of living of the society. We seek and provide a variety of options on wealth generations and basic necessities fulfillment by conducting thorough market research on regulated and unregulated platforms.

AXCHAIN aims to eradicate poverty by building a secure and transparent microfinance institution that provides financial assistance to the underprivileged, including senior citizens, women, handicapped, and those living below the poverty line.

Our Story
AXCHAIN was establish for only reason is to educate the public and society on the benefit of decentralized technology and since 2016 , it have been venturing and establishing as a prominent industry player in the scene of Blockchain Technology & DLT fabrications.

Our Mission
To enrich a society with cashless & decentralized nation

Our Vision
To provide an outlook of the growing economy and the possibility of financial market evolution through a Global Systematic Infrastructural (GIS)platform to reach a million members by 2020.

The services is amazing


Axchain opens channels to integrate up to date technology for modern businesses

The key to more success


The team behind Axchain has more than 50 years of combined experience to ensure your success

Decentralized Your Future

Immaculate & Precise

AXCHAIN is a major key to your success. It’s on you how we can link the benefits of technology to upgrade your current lifestyle to suit the advancement of the current technology behind the Internet of Things. AXCHAIN will assess and provide the best solutions on available services out there based on your current necessities.

AXCHAIN focuses on a niche field of building and deploying decentralized app for SME/SMB/large corporations. We emphasis on the core conversion of conventional business to the robust decentralized and more secure business platform.Hence we custom build web apps and mobile apps according to the needs of business and industries.

AXCHAIN is an entity based on the INTERNET TECHNOLOGY that is in line with the IOT – Internet Of Things.We are a specialised IOT SERVICE PROVIDER that caters to the current digitalised lifestyle which includes; BLOCKCHAIN CERTIFIED COURSES , BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT , SMART CONTRACT DEVELOPEMENT, MINING , BIG DATA ,IOT,TRAINING,IT HARDWARE & SOFTWARE DEPLOYMENTS  and many more.
We strive to reform our community from their current lifestyle and further progress towards the REVOLUTIONISED DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM that’s coming soon.

Our core services includes :-
– Blockchain & Smart Contract Development
– POC Development & Deployment
– Private Blockchain Development
– Blockchain Consulting & Training
– Cryptocurrency Development & Training
– Token Generation Event(ICO/TGE)
– Custom Decentralized App Development
– SmartWallet & Token Creation

Call us now and be guided by our professional staff on an easy and stress free solutions for all your problems. We are here to stay. We are here to help you live your dream. AXCHAIN is your best Blockchain Technology Partner.


Director of Project Management

A visionary and is inclined towards entrepreneurship. He has 15 years of experience in leading skilled team towards successfully completing projects.
Mobile: +6016 280 1284        Email: gopi@axchain.info

Director of IT & Cyber Security

Veteran in IT Security/ Hardware/Software  implementation. Worked with well known financial and telecommunication companies before establishing himself. A speaker by passion and also conducts training classes for IT related subjects.
Mobile: +6010 769 7120        Email: kugan@axchain.info

TARMARAJA PADRASONO, Co-Founder & Head of Research and Development
Director of Research & Development

An innovative man with broad understanding digital currency, blockchain and token generation systems and matters  involving around it. He is greatly exposed to international trends and is always looking of ways to further push the limits of encrypted technology.
Mobile: +6016 673 1954        Email: raj@axchain.info

MEGANATHAN AMIRTHARAJ, Co-Founder & Head of Finance & Marketing
Director of  Marketing and Investments

With a large scale network, Mega is the person in AXCHAIN that deals with marketing of events and investments planing etc.His vast banking network and financial instrument knowledge provide a  heads up for the company.
Mobile:+60178028055      Email: mega@axchain.info


  • 2018

    Associated with ICB International US for Blockchain Certified courses.

  • 2018

    Associated with Blockchain based development , Smart Contract and work with international clients Alepy.Io, BlockSims.Io,

  • 2017

    AXCHAIN was launched into the market , market development with deep R&D on Blockchain

  • 2017

    System testing for AXC platform with network integration & Go Live international market , India, Philippines,Indonesia, Thailand

  • 2017

    AXCHAIN Peer 2 Peer system was launched and gained 600 private members

  • 2016

    Ground work for venturing into digital platform and decentralized market place for the society